The Blackness Project

The Inspiration

The Blackness Project is a featured length documentary film about culture and race from the perspectives of African American and other minorities. The film was inspired from conversations about the “Whiteness Project” which is a similar documentary discussing race and the perceived loss of white privilege by white Americans. The main purpose of The Blackness Project film is to bridge the gap between white and black Americans with in depth interviews on race.

We have a desire to share voices that may not have been heard, to elevate the power of inclusion and encourage a serious conversation and community led solutions.

In 2014 film director, Korey Green and actor Peter Johnson earned success when they won the San Diego Black Film Festival with their feature film, “The Romans”, which is directed by Green and stars Johnson in one of the lead roles. While trying to expand on this opportunity, both Green and Johnson were offered several different film projects. During this process Green viewed a documentary film entitled “The Whiteness Project” where 21 white Americans speak freely about their race and culture in Buffalo, NY. Because Buffalo, NY is the hometown of Green and Johnson, they found the film intriguing but saw an opportunity to create an honest dialogue and ongoing conversation about race in America. After Green brought the film to Johnson’s attention they both decided to put their current projects on hold and again collaborate to create a film to encourage social change. Both Green and Johnson’s passion about racial inequality is grounded in their personal experiences growing up in Buffalo, a city ranked as one of America’s most racially segregated cities and sadness as they observe the racial incidents across America.

The Blackness Project is an educational documentary. The film’s purpose is to educate, elevate and engage in an effort to bridge the racial gap by creating a dialogue on race between blacks and whites. Director Korey Green and Producer Peter Johnson are allowing interviewees to have healthy discussions on topics that every American has thought about, but maybe hesitated to engage with in an open conversation. Each interviewee is given time to “speak their mind” in an open and truthful manor on a number of topics. Topics such as racism, discrimination, interracial relationships, Affirmative Action, segregation, reparations, and the infamous “N” Word, are openly and candidly discussed by each participant. The film also contains news clips of current events, stock footage of historical events, and raw footage interviews. The Blackness Project is not just a documentary film but an opportunity to create a cultural movement.