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Executive Producer | Peter Johnson


Peter Johnson is an actor, writer, and film director from Buffalo, New York. After a successful musical career in his early 20’s, Peter decided to focus his energy on his love of acting and writing.  He is a graduate of New York Film Academy where he studied the art of acting and filmmaking. Peter has appeared in numerous independent films, television pilots and theater productions over the past 10 years. In addition, he also writes for the popular news publication “The Public” in Buffalo New York. In 2010, Peter founded his own independent production company, Xavier Productions that specializes in the production of theater and film projects. Xavier Productions aims to produce films that are educational in nature by showcasing themes and topics that are relevant to today’s youth and community as a whole. Peter is completing his last year of his graduate degree (MFA) at the University at Buffalo in media production and plans on teaching African American media studies to many college students in the near future.

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