The Blackness Project

Director of Photography | Durand McCloud


Durand McCloud is a cinematographer / photographer with creative vision and a keen eye behind the lens. Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, he is a childhood friend of both filmmakers Korey Green and Peter Johnson. Durand began his film career in 2006, when long time friend Korey Green asked for a helping hand in the sound department of the award winning documentary film “The Forgotten City”. While continuing under the tutelage of Green, Durand’s passion for film began to grow. When experimenting with different cameras, the skill of cinematography and photography became natural for him. He soon became in integral part of Black Rose Films by assisting in the shooting of numerous commercials, music videos, infomercials, plays and films. Durand’s opportunity to showcase his skill as a Director of Photography came in 2009, when he shot the Buffalo-Niagara Film Festival Best Comedy “Bad Fish”. His opportunity continued to shine again as cinematographer of the urban drama film “Black Malice” in 2014. Durand’s reputation precedes him, as he is considered one of the best still photographers in Western New York, from his work on local weddings and in-studio photography.


Black Malice