The Blackness Project

Director | Korey Green


Korey Green was born and raised on the East Side of Buffalo, New York. Growing up in a transitioning inner-city neighborhood had a deep impact on Korey’s lens of community. He grew up in a neighborhood where many people became victims of street life that often led to incarceration or death. Attending college and having a successful career were not seen as viable options. However, due to Korey’s strong family foundation he completed high school and received his undergraduate degree from Alfred State College where he pursued his interest in Creative Writing.

“The Forgotten City”, Korey’s first film project, was a concept birthed out of his experiences growing up in Buffalo. The life challenges of his childhood neighborhood provided Korey stories which inspired him to write a script and direct his first film.

“The Forgotten City”, tells the story of the personal journey of two young filmmakers who forged an unlikely partnership following a 2001 murder that touched both of their lives. One of the filmmakers was a friend of the victim and the other a friend of the murderer. “The Forgotten City” became a film festival favorite. Instead of waging a revengeful street war, the two young film makers developed a documentary film project that would take them into the heart of Buffalo’s most dispossessed communities and crime ridden streets. This film brings to light the racial turmoil and economic hardships that have become the lifestyle of so many.

In addition to “The Forgotten City” Green has directed over 10 short films and a host of music videos, commercials and a feature documentary “The Experience” which was shot in Ghana, West Africa. His film success includes the feature narrative film “The Romans” which is now on DVD and his new documentary, “The Blackness Project”.

“The Blackness Project” created and directed by Korey, seeks to rewrite America’s racial narrative. The film is a featured length educational documentary about culture and race from the African American perspective. Although inspired from conversations about the “The Whiteness Project”, a documentary in which participants discuss race and the perceived loss of white privilege by white Americans, “The Blackness Project” mission is to educate, elevate, and engage Americans to bridge the racial divide in our country by creating a meaningful dialogue on race.

Green has won numerous film awards from film festivals in New York, LA, Denver, Chicago and San Diego including awards from the American Black Film Festival in Miami and the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival. “The Blackness Project” was a featured film in 2018 at the Cinetopia Film Festival (Detroit, Michigan).

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